Do you dread having appraisals or reviews with your team?

Call them what you want to, many managers dread “appraisal season!” Do you want to look forward to having reviews with your team?

Whether you call them reviews/appraisals/PDR’s, many managers dread having to sit with each of their team to have the dreaded “appraisal” meeting, and that’s often because they forget that this meeting should just be about having a good conversation!

Many managers are under a great deal of pressure and don’t have the time to prepare for these meetings or may not be confident in giving their team constructive or developmental feedback/setting objectives.

Our next in person Masterclass is on Friday 18th November in Oxfordshire and we will share with you all the practical, do’s and don’ts for having a great review meeting with your employees. We will share our top tips for giving constructive feedback to your team members – once learnt and practiced, never forgotten! As well as giving you the basic coaching and effective questioning skills required to make this a great conversation that you both enjoy and feel motivated by!

Our Masterclasses are all day, in person events and run from 10am to 4pm, include lunch and will be charged at £199 for our clients and £249 for non-clients. Book your place here.