Your HR Team

Don’t think you can afford an HR Team? You’d be amazed at what can be achieved with a regular weekly, monthly or quarterly visit, where tailored advice and the right level of support and experience from our team of HR Business Partners or HR Directors will remove all your people worries and help you to see real results… fast!

We can work with you to provide the extensive knowledge and experience to deliver regular HR support or deliver ad-hoc people projects, which provide you with the right data and results to make key people decisions or make big improvements to your bottom-line.

HR Compliance

We can conduct our People Audit or our Employee Wellbeing Audit to make sure you are legally compliant and creating the right environment to ensure you have a happy, healthy and highly productive team.

With both of these Audits, we review all the relevant paperwork and documentation that relates to your people; from recruitment of an employees to the exit of employees and everything in between!

We provide you with a detailed report and using a simple traffic light system, identify where you are not meeting employment legislation; RED, areas which you could improve upon to ensure you are able to attract and retain the best people for your business; AMBER and GREEN for areas where you are doing just fine.

Training and Coaching

Developing your people so that they can fulfil their potential and become the best possible version of themselves at work is a vital ingredient to their success and your success as a business.

We can tailor our training and coaching solutions to the needs of the individual or team that require the development or training to deliver tangible results for your business.

Retained HR support

Subscribe to our HR Oxygen retainer service and give yourself time to BREATHE, as we virtually manage all your day to day people queries and issues via telephone, email and Zoom/Teams.

HR Influencers Club

The HR Influencers Club is here to help you continue to grow and develop your skills as an HR professional and manage the ever changing world of HR, keeping abreast of important legal changes and emerging HR trends and best practices.

High Performing Teams Program

A High Performing Team (HPT) is created by building a high performance team and a high performance team is created by studying, building, and expecting excellence from all of your staff, all of the time.