Will you lose a third of your employees this year?

The figures are in, and research from the Institute of Leadership and Management suggests that 1 in 3 employees plan to change jobs this year. It’s double the proportion from last year, and it demonstrates that even if you think your staff are happy and fulfilled in their roles, there could be more going on beneath the surface.

Will you have to deal with unexpected recruitment drives in 2015 to replace leavers? And are you doing everything you can to hold on to the very best people in your business? It’s sensible to mention first of all that even the best companies, with truly exemplary people policies and practices, will experience turnover of staff. It’s just a natural part of doing business. If you want to make sure you’re doing all you can though, it’s worthwhile to take a look at the reasons people cited for wanting to move on. Here’s what UK workers are looking for right now:

  1. Better opportunities for progression (59%)
  2. More pay (56%)
  3. More interesting work (50%)
  4. Better management (30%)
  5. More opportunities for access to training (27%)

The real secret sauce for high levels of retention will vary from one business to another, but a great starting point is to figure out, honestly, if your organisation is delivering in these areas.

You don’t have to be a shining example in all areas and at all times, because it’s about balancing best practice with the realities of your business, and working with the resources that you have available. Are there opportunities that you aren’t taking? Could you think more creatively when it comes to cultivating a happy and fulfilled workforce? Are you stuck in a rut with your people practices, at the detriment to your business and your retention levels?

You deserve to have the best employees in your business, but you also have the responsibility to do what you can to keep them! Step up to the plate in 2015, and
it could save you a lot of time, money, and hassle. Talk to me about how you make sure you are keeping the best people in your business, you can’t afford to lose them!

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