What you need to know if you’re recruiting in 2017

Brexit might have created uncertainly for business owners, but the latest research shows that 2017 could be a wonderful year for jobseekers. According to research by Manpower, the UK has returned to business as usual, and the net employment outlook has risen to 7%.

So if you’re planning to recruit to grow your business, what do you need to be aware of? And how can you make sure that you capture the top talent? Here, we tell you what you really need to know.

An ad in your local paper might not cut it

Traditionally, this is what recruitment often looked like… You drafted a basic overview of what you were looking for. You placed your advert in the local press. You sat back and waited for the applications to roll in, as they inevitably did. These days, you can’t afford to assume that this will work.

Think about who your ideal candidates are, and where they’re looking for opportunities. The answer is probably online. Sure, you’ll need to brush up on your skills and bring your practices bang up to date, but the alternative is much more stressful.

Your new recruits want to know what you offer

Even in times of economic uncertainty, skilled and talented jobseekers always have options. If you go into the process thinking that you always have the upper hand, purely because you’re the one with the job, then you’re going to make expensive mistakes and miss out on some golden opportunities.

You need to consider WHY people would want to work for your business. Your first answer here is probably going to be about the salary, and it’s true that’s a factor. Today though, people want more. They want better experiences. They want flexibility. These are the things that will not only attract them, but retain them for the longer term.

Recruiting and selecting the best talent is an art form

It’s easy to think that recruiting new staff is pretty straightforward. You advertise the position, you sift through the applications, and you choose the best person for the job. In reality, things can be much more complicated. How do you know you’re speaking to the right people? Are you asking the right questions? They might seem switched on and motivated, but are they actually going to perform in the role?

Doing it on your own is often the roadmap towards making expensive mistakes. When you have expert help, you can ensure that you’re making the right decisions, complying with legislation, and driving your business forward.

Recruiting in 2017 is a whole different ballgame, and you need to be prepared. If you’d like some help to make sure that you’re not missing the mark? Get in touch today.