Thrive with Meraki HR

At Meraki HR, we have always been here to help and support clients with their immediate people problems. Being able to deal with these issues quickly and with the minimum of fuss and impact to your business, allowing you to get on with what you do best – running your business!  However, most of our work with clients has been around helping them create great places to work; where their people are happy, motivated, engaged and highly productive.

We appreciate that there are a lot of immediate issues and problems to contend with at the moment, and you may not be able to focus on anything else or even be thinking about your future business plans, but we can! With our experience and expertise, we can help you to stay ahead of the curve and tackle the future people issues before they even arise. So why not work with us now to make sure your business and your team THRIVE as we start to return to work in its different forms. We want all our clients to get through this next 6-12 months and together we can make sure we help you and your team THRIVE! 

If you would like to discuss any of these initiatives or how you think we could help you and your team thrive, then just book a call with me and we can have a chat.

Our Bounce Pack Package

One of our clients asked us a little while ago to create some sessions for their Furloughed staff as they were worried that they were becoming demotivated and disengaged from the business. Rebecca Mander (one of our amazing coaches) and myself created 4 x 1 hour sessions via Zoom to help their team keep positive, focus on their strengths and the values that they bring to the business, build their confidence and develop their personal brand, and help them to develop resilience and bounce back from Furlough. So why not get ahead of the curve and introduce these sessions for your furloughed or remote working team to ensure they are engaged, motivated and ready to adapt to your new ways of working? Cost £1600 

Our Take off Package

Two half days of support either via Zoom or in person to help you re-engage and energise your team post Covid19 to ensure you all thrive. Cost £1500

Session 1 Re-engaging the Team to THRIVE with Emma Browning we will help you and your team/s get re-focused on your business Vision, Purpose and Values as these may have changed or need to change as a result of Covid19.

Session 2  Supporting your Team to THRIVE with Lucy Whitehall our Employee Well Being Expert, this session will help you or your team on one of the specific areas which we can agree with you; Emotional Intelligence (focus on social intelligence & empathy) Resilience in the context of a Changing World (character strengths, appreciative inquiry etc), Leadership strengths required post-crisis, Moving to an organisational culture of wellbeing , Managing emotional trauma outcomes after the crisis (radical acceptance, emotional awareness & regulation etc), Re-engaging with your role (motivation, psychological capital etc)

Your Self Preservation Package

Investing in a coach is often seen as a luxury but, it’s often a necessity to ensure you can survive and thrive, because what happens to your team or your business if you don’t? We’ve had several clients who’ve needed our help with complex people management and employee relations issues, plus leadership coaching to help them to navigate the leadership challenges or the personal setbacks they are facing. Some of our clients who work with us in this way, work in HR, some are People Managers or Business Owners/Leaders. They need personalised support with their people decision making and business or leadership strategies and this is exactly what a good coach can do. A good coach will help you to look at your problems in a rational, objective way and with skilled listening and questioning techniques, help you to make the right decisions about your problem.

  • x 1.5 hour Coaching session = £275
  • 6 sessions via Zoom = £1500

Our Darwinism options

“Darwinism –  increases the individual’s ability to compete and survive” At Meraki HR we want to help you and your leadership team develop the right skills to compete and survive in what are going to be some tough times ahead. We know that one of the key reasons employees leave a business is down to the relationship they have with their manager! Good management and leadership skills are going to be more important now than they ever have been, and Meraki HR can help you to develop the right skills and behaviours for your leaders or people managers in several ways.

  • We can run any of our people management workshops either in house (with social distancing observed of course!) or virtually for your management team at a cost of £1500 for a full day or £850 for a half day. Topics include Employment Law, Recruitment, Managing Difficult Conversations, Dealing with Disciplinary Matters, Managing Performance remotely, Effective Communication skills.
  • We use Thomas Psychometrics and can analyse and review your Leaders or Managers Emotional Intelligence as well as their Leadership Potential. We will then work with them on an individual basis with your input and their agreement to achieve their developmental goals. Cost of the profiling and 4 developmental coaching sessions is £999.
  • Our Highly Effective Manager Program will be running again from January – December 2021 in London or remotely. Six modules which include Employment Law, Recruitment, Coaching Skills for Managers, Employee Engagement, Managing Performance and Dealing with Discipline. Costs for the full year programme is £2995.

Recruitment packages

For some of you, it has been business as usual, despite the lockdown and you will still be recruiting. Others may need to recruit soon as you come back to business and things start to return to “normal”

We work with a few trusted local recruitment partners, as well as having our very own recruitment strategist Kerry Bonfiglio-Bains. We know how important cashflow is for us all at the moment, so there are a number of ways that either we or our recruitment partners can help you as you start to recruit again.

For any further information on choosing the right options for you, just book a call with me and we can discuss the best options for you.