Size doesn’t matter, but performance most definitely does

I’m lucky and have already been away for my main holiday this year and am now back and full of energy to start the next half of the year! Seriously though, that couple of weeks R&R is a really important time for me to unwind from the grind, so when I book my holiday, I don’t take any chances and I consulted with the travel experts for some guidance on where to go to ensure I have a great break with plenty of sunshine thrown in (my own weather experience is limited to licking my finger and sticking it in the air from time to time.) The same goes for my business decisions.

As a business owner I always make sure to use all the best information and advice available to me from experts in order to make informed decisions. I know my limitations. Which is why I’ve got a crack team of people that help with my financial and legal obligations and on how to market my business successfully.

Of course, when you are running your own businesses you wear lots of different hats and it’s what makes SME’s so great, you are the go-getters and entrepreneurs – the guys and gals that make things happen in this country. And without SME’s there would be no need for specialists and consultants!!

With my specialist hat on, I’ve just launched my new High Performing Business Programme – which is a seven step program designed to help business owners and leaders succeed through their people.  This program “bottles’ my 30+ years of HR and People Management experiences and insights and distils them into one neatly wrapped package that will guide you right through from getting the right people on board, to implementing the right people practices and processes to ensure your business achieves its goals. I would highly recommend you book your spot on one of my exclusive workshops in September and October:

Prices for each workshop are £75 per person, but a limited number of early bird tickets are exclusively available for FREE until 30th July 2019 to my newsletter subscribers from TODAY.  But beware, once these early bird free tickets have gone, they are gone, so don’t risk it – book your FREE place now!

Alternatively, if you can’t make it to my workshop, then drop me a line, give me a call or book an appointment at one of my Summer HR Clinics and HR Director strategy sessions and we can have an initial discussion about how we could make sure you are doing all the right things in your business to take it to the next level.