Six Ways To Raise Your Leadership Game This Year

1.Think that becoming a better leader involves attending intensive courses, gaining years and years of experience, or getting your head stuck into a textbook? Well, not necessarily. These things can all have their place, but it’s very possible to raise your game in this first week of 2018, by making just a few manageable changes.

If you’re ready to step up to the challenge, then read on. We’re going to look at six practical game-changers that you can get to work with right away.

1. Leave some unplanned time in your diary

If you take a look back over your schedule from the past few weeks, you’ll probably notice a trend. Most of your time is earmarked for certain events, such as meetings, networking, and so on. It’s wise to be organised, but don’t forget the value of having some regular unplanned time in your diary, so you can focus on handling issues in the moment.

2. Say no

It’s all too easy to fall into the trap of chasing every opportunity that comes your way. But it’s impossible to do everything and sustain a successful business. It’s all about carefully constructing what your role will involve. If in doubt, ask yourself what your priorities need to be right now to get you to where you want to be.

3. Delegate one task from your agenda

Being a business owner involves knowing when you need to hand things over. You just can’t manage everything on your own. Many people struggle with this though, and hesitate when it comes to handing over to someone else. Do yourself a favour this week and pass a task on to your team. It’s vital that you aren’t the only person within your company that can do any one thing.

4. Forget about work for one evening

Taking work home is often a necessity. You can talk about work-life balance all day long, but there’s no denying that sacrifices have to be made on the road to success. If you have absolutely zero distinction between your business and personal lives though, you’re going to reach serious burnout sooner rather than later. Take the evening off. Read a book. Watch a box set. Do absolutely nothing. You might be surprised by what this teaches you.

5. Do that thing that you’ve been putting off

It’s human nature to avoid the tasks that you dread. In certain situations though, this can seriously hold you back as a leader. Perhaps you know that you need to have a difficult conversation with a team member, but you haven’t quite managed to make yourself just do it. This week, get it out the way.

6. Turn your routine on its head

Routine can be a wonderful thing, but it’s worth considering whether you’ve fallen into the trap of just doing certain things because they’re what you’ve always done. Shake things up to avoid getting stuck in a rut. If you can get into the habit of experimenting with this, you’re likely to make big discoveries in terms of your motivation and productivity.

Being a leader can be massively rewarding, but it can be a tough job all the same. You probably started your business because you wanted to bring your solution to market, so maybe the people management side is something that you never really willingly signed up for. If this sounds like you, then we want to help. We can support you through your goals, and ensure that you reach your full potential.

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