Putting the Human back into HR

I have been an independent HR consultant now for 8 months and it has been a fantastic time, setting up my new business and meeting lots of clients; some from old connections that I have worked with many years ago and some new. But what has been most interesting over the last 8 months is the reaction from new clients who meet me for the first time. Lots of the clients I meet tell me that “I am a breath of fresh air” or that I am “normal” or that you “smile a lot for someone in HR” you are not the usual “twin set and pearls” HR person that they were expecting to meet. These are all real quotes by the way and not something I have made up!

HR has and still does have a bad reputation, but any of us in this profession have to ask ourselves why this is? Is it because we are always taking a deep intake of breath and saying “No, you can’t do that it’s illegal”’ or “we have to do it this way because we’ve always done it like this” or making people processes so complicated and tedious, that no wonder they switch off managers and employees alike?
If we want to be taken seriously as a profession and by the businesses we work in, small or large, then we need to add value and show that we know and understand the business, the challenges it faces and demonstrate how we can help them to overcome these problems in the business, with unique and creative HR strategy or policies and processes.

Let’s show that we are human, and we can be fun to work with, despite some of the difficult things we have to deal with, and being human doesn’t mean we won’t, or can’t be taken seriously by the business.
So if you want some HR support in your business, and HR with personality from someone who knows their stuff too, then give me a call on 012980-848415/07766-741738. If you want twin set and pearls…….. go somewhere else!