May Day, May Day, its only 16 days until GDPR is live and kicking!

You are probably sick and tired of hearing about GDPR now, I know I definitely am! However, it may be even more far reaching than you first thought. GDPR compliance isn’t just about customer data – it affects your collection, storage and treatment of employee data too. Do you have it in hand?

Well, it’s not too late if you haven’t! I have been working with my legal team to come up with a simple plan for what needs to be done with your existing employees and for any new or prospective employees joining you before the legislation comes into force on the 25th May 2018.

1. Send out a Privacy Notice to all existing employees to explain what you do with their data to meet GDPR legislation.
2. If you are recruiting, you also need to send out a Candidate Privacy Notice to all candidates moving forwards to ensure they have bene made aware of the data you will be collecting and storing on them as candidates.
3. Update your Data Protection Policy to meet the new GDPR legislation
4. Update your Employee Handbook
5. Update or replace your Contract of Employment for new employees joining you.

The full pack of GDPR materials, items 1-5 is available for £195 plus VAT. If you require a full Contract of Employment, then that’s just £275 plus VAT.

The deadline is fast approaching, but you still have time – just! So what are you waiting for?!