Is your business in a period of structured growth? If so, read on

If your business is in a period of  growth and expansion, you probably know that your future success will heavily rely on making  significant changes to your people strategy; be it recruitment, employment processes, training, lines of internal communication, management structure and such like. Specialist stuff.

Ideally, you’d pass this all on to your own specialist HR Director to take care of for you, but at this early stage of the growth game, the costs of recruiting your very own permanent HRD are pretty inhibitive.

So, it’s jolly good news that you and I are friends! I love working with aspirational businesses; it’s what gets me up every morning.  During July I will be making myself available for a very limited number of complimentary half day HR Director strategy sessions.

You set the agenda. You book me in. Your very own HR Director. For a full half day. Free.