Do you need some HR Oxygen to help you breathe?

Growing a business without HR expertise is challenging at best, and a constant uphill struggle at worst. If you’ve ever had to tackle a people issue on your own, you’ll know just how stressful it can be. Between trying to manage your legal obligations, and meeting your operational requirements, firefighting can become part of your everyday routine if you’re not careful.

The last 18 months have shown us, how valuable it can be to have your HR Expert on speed dial. There is always the option to call upon HR help on an ad-hoc basis, and there can be real value in that approach. But if you’re ready to raise the bar on HR, and give yourself the valuable gift of peace of mind along the way, then it might be time for you to start a retainer relationship with us at Meraki HR.

Here’s what Faye Pressley, COO at Vanti had to say about the retained support we’ve provided to them over the last 12 months;

Vanti are a small growing technology business who put our people at the heart of everything we do. We started working with Meraki in March 2020, and they have been fundamental to our growth over the last few months. Not only do they have extensive HR experience and know-how, they are also the type of people that can clearly see when you’re up against it and how / when to offer extra support. Emma’s heart is genuinely in the place of wanting to see good people and good businesses thrive and will do all she can to help with that, including challenging you in healthy ways if you need it (which we did!). The team are flexible, responsive and quick when it comes to meeting last minute and urgent needs and their advice is always backed by extensive experience and research. Whenever we had an odd query, concern, missing documentation or when we’ve just needed a sounding board, they’re always there and never make you feel like ‘just another client’.

There is no way we would have made it through 2020 as smoothly as we did, had it not been for their support. Having Meraki as a partner enabled our core team to focus on really giving time and care to the wider team and individuals, that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise.”

In the months of July and August, if you sign up to our HR Oxygen service you will receive 12 months of service and only be billed for 11 months, giving you your last month of support Free of Charge! Book your call with Emma or Rachel to discuss the best level of support for you:

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