How to resolve employee conflict during Covid

Conflict is defined by the Oxford dictionary as a “serious argument or disagreement” If you now take this definition into the workplace, there are of course many things that co-workers can either argue or disagree about – such as the time to go to lunch, who deserves to have more of the team manager/ or administrators time, when to take holiday.

Add into that mix, all the potential employee conflict around Furloughed and non-Furloughed staff, high absence levels, people feeling fearful and anxious about their futures, money worries, and all the other issues associated with being on lockdown, and you have a hotbed of employee conflict scenarios you may need to address!

Most of these things can be resolved easily and informally if people are willing to talk and behave reasonably and possibly compromise on their position. Here’s our top tips for resolving conflict within the workplace during Covid19.