How to Recruit Superstars

This year has been billed ‘The Year of The Candidate’, due to the mass of skills shortages in the marketplace. Ever since the term was first coined in a Wall Street Journal article, the concept has quickly gained momentum amongst HR circles.

But as a business owner, how will this have an impact on the work you do? Basically, there aren’t enough people to go around! If you want to fill your skilled or non-skilled roles, you’re likely to face a struggle. It’ll take more time, and you’ll have to be much more pro-active in your search, than you have ever been!

Here at Meraki HR we work with our clients to help them create and implement a recruitment strategy which helps them attract the right candidates in the first place and then create a recruitment process that becomes a great candidate experience! So that when you find the right perfect person for your business, they will want to accept your offer and not the other two offers they have on the table!  (because that’s’ what will happen if you have a good candidate these days!)  We’ll also take a look at what you can do to ensure you can have a pipeline of good people apply speculatively to your business, so that you have the right people available when you need them.

These trends may well last longer than just 12 months, so if you’re keen to win the war for talent, you need to make sure that you’re fit for battle.

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