How to be a Great Employer during a Pandemic

Goffee and Jones published an article in the Harvard Review in 2013, which is still relevant today and stated that; “People want to do good work – to feel they matter in an organisation that makes a difference. They want to work in a place that magnifies their strengths, not their weaknesses. For that, they need some autonomy and structure, and the organisation must be coherent, honest, and open”.

It’s important that businesses, large and small, try to make the workplace as positive and as productive an environment as possible. Goffee and Jones offer six common sense principles that will help you assess your workplace with a view to making it a more productive and rewarding environment which we will discuss in a bit more detail.

Interestingly, these six principles have nothing to do with pay and benefits, how fancy your office is or your HR policies and checklists! Great coming from an HR expert right? However, I’ve been saying the same things since I started in HR over 20 years. HR should be about creating great workplaces.  Us Humans haven’t changed much, and we all have pretty much the same fundamental needs from our workplaces. We want to be able to trust our business leader and their management team, and we want to be treated with respect and treated fairly.