How great HR Support can really make the difference in creating an ethical business.

I haven’t read any business books for a while but over the Christmas period I read two that helped me to see the important role that HR should be playing in business. “She Said“, by Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey, and “Super Pumped – The Battle for Uber” by Mike Isaac. Both books feature rather nasty bullies – Harvey Weinstein and Travis Kalanick.

What was interesting for me was that in both books the HR professionals in the organisations being discussed didn’t play an important role. HR was noticeably absent – I wonder why?!

There is clearly an opportunity for the strategic HR Business Partners out there as the expectations of clients, employees and candidates are changing. They are all looking to work or be associated with organisations that contribute in some way to the required changes in society. If organisations are tolerating toxic workplaces with bullies or poor cultures or work in an unethical industry or way, it will undoubtedly harm their business.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) will be high on the list of opportunities for HR in 2021. Many businesses have already demonstrated great ethics and CSR by repaying Furlough grants now that they are back on their feet financially, and this is one example of many.

When an HR professional sees things that are not acceptable, they should intervene. Some examples I’ve spoken out about in my career are below. So if you want to run an ethical business and want to work with HR professionals that will speak out when something is wrong, then get in touch to see how we can work together.

☹️When a member of the board is the biggest bully

☹️When people make dubious jokes

☹️When the best candidate for a job doesn’t make the shortlist or is appointed

☹️When the leader has created a toxic work culture

☹️When unsafe working conditions are not discontinued