How am I going to get this people stuff delivered?

A recent study found that small business owners are on the brink of a burnout due to their heavy workload. SME leaders and managers are close to hitting boiling point because of the stress and pressure that comes from running a small business.

Just under a half (47%) of the business owners cited their lack of time as the main source of the work stress and pressure.

So, I always say a problem shared is a problem halved. You don’t need to struggle on, breaking your back. There are alternatives, and they needn’t break the bank. If you need dedicated and experienced support to deliver an HR project, you can outsource it.

I know what it’s like running a business. Competing demands on your time from staff, customers and suppliers. It’s brilliant fun and I love what I do, but it’s a constant juggling act! And sometimes you need a hand – and we can lend that hand!

For a fixed cost, you can access our tried and tested HR Project Service. So, if you don’t have the time, skills or the resources necessary to deliver an important people project for your business, then get in touch.

For example, our team can help you to:

• Design a bespoke recruitment or appraisal process
• Help you design a new organisational structure to deliver your business goals
• Manage a redundancy process from beginning to end
• Design and deliver an Employee Engagement Survey

We have:

• Collectively over 100 years HR experience at Director level
• Exceptional project management skills
• The flexibility to adapt quickly and effectively to any business, whatever the sector you work in

Call or email us today to book a meeting with us to talk about your HR project – and let’s see if we can lend you a hand.

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