Free Contract or Handbook Review

There is no doubt that like all of us at the moment, we have suddenly had some of our work cancelled, and many of our clients are very worried about how the Coronavirus will impact their businesses in the long term and whether they will be able to survive the next few months with either fewer customers, less employees able to work, or reduced manufacturing or products to sell.

It’s important that during uncertain times like these you know that your contracts of employment and employee policies and procedures are legally compliant and fit for purpose.

But it’s also important to know what you can and can’t do with your employees in these times of uncertainty.

For example, do you have a short term working or lay off clause in your contracts of employment that allows you to lay off staff temporarily?

Are your staff on Statutory Notice Periods or longer, more costly notice periods if you have to make them redundant?

If you have staff working from home, what’s your working from home policy say about calling clients whilst watching Netflix in pyjamas?

If these are things that you are worried about, then why not take advantage of either our free contract of employment or employee handbook review? We will review your documents and provide you with a clear and concise report which will tell you whether you are legally compliant and suggest any changes that need to be made.

To take advantage of this offer, click on the link below to book a quick call at a time that suits you to discuss this offer.

Or, simply drop me a line and send us your documents and we will get back to you with your report in 48