Executive coaching

Successful businesses are led by successful leaders. So if your business is on the up, chances are it’s all down to you!

But when busy growing your business it’s very tempting to focus all your time and efforts on the development of your employees, forgetting that the success of the business is directly linked to you; your vision, your drive, your skills and your ambition!!

Yes, coaching your teams is vitally important, but YOU are your business’s key person. And chances are that your business is now at a different place to where it started, which means you probably need some different skills and strategies if you are going to capitalise and continue to flourish. So are you taking care of your own development needs?

It is so important to maximise your own personal development at work and you’ll be surprised at the number of aspects that you can improve upon. You can address gaps in your knowledge, enhance existing skills or learn new ones. You may want to concentrate on improving your health and fitness, enriching your quality of life or addressing your work-life balance. Or perhaps you’re looking to tackle your happiness, self-awareness or self-esteem. Whatever you choose to do, the business benefits of personal development will be astounding. You can utilise executive coaching to deliver a wide range of skills development and benefits, for example:
How to delegate effectively
Build self-confidence and maximise ‘leadership presence’
Inspire and motivate followers, creating loyalty and commitment
Develop excellent ’emotional intelligence’ – self-awareness, self-management, empathy and relationship-building
Improve interpersonal skills – including influencing, motivating, presenting, resolving conflict and delivering bad news
Hone networking and business development skills
Increase capacity to influence and obtain real ‘buy-in’ from stake-holders
Performance-manage effectively through the ability to have ‘difficult conversations’ and to recognise and acknowledge success
Coach and mentor for performance and development
Undertake successful succession planning
Understand and lead others through the psychological impact of organisational change
Manage workload, handle stress, ensure work/life balance
Refocus career

After you have appraised yourself to determine what areas for development you want to focus on, you can set about putting in place some strategies to meet those personal development needs.

You are your organisation’s most valuable resource. Nurture it. Because, without you your business can’t flourish.

I’m putting lunch dates in my diary this month with my key clients, to appraise their strategic executive coaching needs.

Drop me a line today at emmacbrowning.com, to find out exactly how executive coaching can help align your skills with the strategic direction of your business.