Exciting news – Meraki HR Partner with OK Positive!

How many times have you seen something on LinkedIn and thought – that looks like a great product or service, got in touch with the company concerned and either been disappointed or let down by their response to your enquiry or the product or service itself? I know I have!

However, a short while ago I saw a post on LinkedIn by Charlie Winton the founder of a company called OK Positive. OK Positive is a very clever app that allows your employees to input how they are feeling and in general and this feedback comes back to you anonymously as the employer to identify whether there are any key themes to improve mental health issues within your team/business which you can then address.

However, the really clever bit is how the app uses the personal data for each person to help them identify any issues/triggers or things they can do personally to improve their well being and points them to some great resources to help them too.

I was so impressed with the app that I said to Charlie if he had been pitching this to Dragons Den, I would have been all in and given him the money!  It’s a great app and really intuitive to use, so I can see this being extremely helpful and popular for employees to use.

I have been a big supporter of having happy and healthy employees throughout the whole of my HR career, and I’m pleased that many businesses are now seeing the need to look after the health and wellbeing of their employees as there are so many benefits of doing so. With a huge focus on the importance of mental health and wellbeing now finally getting a place on the agenda, if you want to be ahead of the curve, then the OK Positive App, could be just the thing!

Have a look at the demo and if this is something that you think would be of benefit to you and your team, then give me call as we can offer our clients a great discount on the app through Meraki HR.

Click for OK Positive demo