Engage for success

We know that healthy, happy workers lead to healthy, happy and successful organisations.

Are your people delivering the results you need?

Is your business performing as expected?

When was the last time you asked your people what they loved about their job?

If your employees feel unhappy or unappreciated, you can be sure as eggs is eggs that they won’t be giving their all to the business that employs them.

Just as in life, being engaged with something leads to so many great things including high energy, happiness, motivation and loyalty. If it feels a great place to be then why would you leave?

Personal Group, in a recent survey revealed that almost half of UK workers are unhappy with their job. And here is the magic from that survey…

…happy employees are a massive 12% more productive than those unhappy with their work situation.

Hands up anybody who would like to see a 12% increase in productivity in their business this month?!

When you take the time to show your people you care, in a variety of ways, they are going to be happier, more engaged in their jobs, and more productive. The bonus is that when your staff are happy, this typically leads to better customer service, too. Yet again we see the ripple effect in these critical areas is huge. And who doesn’t want that?

Here are a few of my low-cost ideas to boost your employee engagement and productivity going into the exciting year 2020;

  • Give more than is expected – with this I mean environment, understanding their goals, incentives and perks – small gestures that have great impact. To avoid any cost, you can hand write a thank you note where relevant. The little things in life carry the highest value because of how you are left feeling.
  • Get the welcome mat out. Make sure that new employees feel welcomed. Have an existing staff member mentor the newbies until they get on their feet, and ensure that they get a full and thorough induction into the business to make them effective in their role asap.
  • Work in the Cloud. A work-from-home day is always useful for employees waiting on deliveries or with childcare issues. It shows trust and your employees will be just as productive if not more. Also making your systems available remotely means work does not have to grind to a halt should adverse weather conditions make commuting impossible.
  • Safety and Wellness. Don’t forget the little things that make life liveable. Onsite minor vehicle maintenance, basic medical assistance, basic medications, access to health-based time off, company sponsored flu jabs – can all be helpful, particularly for those companies that don’t offer healthcare to their employees. Productive employees help a company succeed
  • Be on your employees’ side. To build trust you have to be trusted. To build respect you have to be respected. If an employee knows you will fully support them then they are going to respect you and be loyal.

In our Highly Effective Manager programme, which starts in January in London, our fourth module is all about Employee Engagement. It is so important that your managers understand the benefits of creating and maintaining engagement within their team. They will learn what we really mean by employee engagement and why it’s important, and how to create an employee engagement strategy that works for your team and your business, and that’s just one of six modules that we know will help your managers to be highly effective.

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There are only 12 places and this is absolute gold when it comes to educating your managers to be the best they can be – the bonus is great managers run great businesses.

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