Do you need HR Oxygen?

Growing a business without HR expertise is challenging at best, and a constant uphill struggle at worst. If you’ve ever had to tackle a people issue on your own, you’ll know just how stressful it can be. Between trying to manage your legal obligations, and meeting your operational requirements, firefighting can become part of your everyday routine if you’re not careful.

The last few months have shown us, how valuable it can be to have your HR Expert on speed dial. There is always the option to call upon HR help on an ad-hoc basis, and there can be real value in that approach. But if you’re ready to raise the bar on HR, and give yourself the valuable gift of peace of mind along the way, then it might be time for you to start a retainer relationship with us at Meraki HR. This could be the HR secret weapon that you need to help you get through the next 6-12 months.

Here’s what Melinda Kenneway; CEO of Kudos Innovations had to say about the retained support we’ve provided to them over the last few years;

As a start-up, we’ve required a variety of HR support over the early years of our growth, from the basics of putting good recruitment policies and plans into place, through to building an appraisal system from the “bottom up” with the whole teams involvement to create a process that everyone has had a voice in creating. Emma and her team have been on hand to help – always responsive, professional, and reliable. Emma has also helped us through challenging phases for the business too – ensuring both the needs of management and staff are fairly represented. We’ve been hugely impressed by everyone we’ve met from the Meraki team and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.”

There are a whole host of other benefits too;

1.You get to know and trust Meraki HR so that we can get straight to the heart of any of your people issues

If you’ve ever outsourced work to a consultant in the past, you’ll know that there’s often a steep learning curve called ‘getting to know each other’ before you can really get down to business, the right foundations have to be laid. The consultant has to gain an understanding of how your business operates, and they need to find out what your business is all about, warts and all.

So if you have a pressing HR issue and you’re working with someone who you’ve never worked with before, it’s inevitable that you aren’t going to immediately hit the ground running. When you’re using our HR Oxygen retainer services though, this isn’t a problem. You get to know us, and we get to know you and what’s right for your business. We know how you do things, and you trust us to make the right decisions with you, and you know that our advice is keeping you legal. It’s not difficult to see the massive difference this will make.

2.You don’t have to face the prospect of hunting down a skilled professional when something goes wrong

Leaders often don’t expect to go into work on any given morning and find themselves faced with handling the fall-out of an HR issue. These things happen though, and it’s vital that you’re ready to respond ASAP. Many issues can spiral out of control if you don’t formulate a fit-for-purpose solution within a quick timescale.

By the time you’ve contacted your business peers, asked for recommendations, and managed to get hold of someone, serious damage might have already been done. When you have an HR expert on speed dial who you can get in touch with easily, there’s no panicking and there’s no fuss. You’ve already got your plan in place, and you know that Meraki HR will know just what to do and how to do it.

3.You’re probably going to save yourself a chunk of cash

Contrary to popular belief (though very much dated), HR isn’t all about soft tactics that can’t be measured in terms of true business success. The best HR professionals understand their role in contributing to the bottom line of your business and play a role in helping you to smash your strategic business objectives.

And we know that you have a keen eye on your costs. Yet another benefit of working on a retainer basis is that you can take advantage of some extremely savvy cost savings. You’ll know exactly what you’re paying each month, so you’ll never face any nasty surprises.

Leaders who are mindful of the importance of their people practices might have an HR professional in mind who can help them when things go wrong. But leaders who have really stepped up their game and are ready for whatever their business throws at them, are already working with us on a retainer basis.

Are you ready to make the change? Then why not take advantage of this offer, as we figured that during the current Coronavirus situation, you might be needing to work with an award winning HR team. We are giving you the gift of HR Oxygen – which helps you breathe for;

  • 6 months for the price of 5 months (based on your number of employees) if you sign up by December 31st 2020.
  • or 12 months subscription for the price of 10 months (based on your number of employees) if you sign up by December 31st 2020.                          

But SSSSSSSSH, it’s a bit of a secret as there are a limited number of retainer places available to ensure we can continue to deliver the exceptional service that we know our clients need.

To take advantage of this offer, just drop me a line or book a call with me