Ask me to review your employment contracts, for free. No catch.

In December, you might have noticed that the Government introduced its biggest package of workplace reforms for 20 years, the Good Work Plan and you will see the accompanying advertising campaign during your TV ad breaks this month. And front of centre of this package was employment contracts.

Chances are, if you haven’t reviewed your employment contracts in the last 5 years then they are probably seriously out of date, uncompliant, out of sync with your company values and not going to stand up to too much scrutiny if you need to rely on them in a dispute of any kind. Oops.

You wouldn’t let your buildings insurance contract renew for 5 years on the trot without reviewing it would you? Your contracts of employment are absolutely a form of insurance for your business. In the event of any potential dispute, claim or employment tribunal, the contracts you have with your employees will be one of the first things asked for. Failure to provide a legally compliant contract of employment within 8 weeks of an employee joining you can and will result in fines for you as the employer.

So clearly, your employment contracts are one of your most important business documents you have with your employees. I subscribe to the adage that proactivity is a far better strategy that crossing one’s fingers and hoping for the best. Mopping up mistakes is far less enjoyable than seeking active ways to avert them, I say!!  And just to show how seriously I mean this, I will review your contracts for you during April, free of charge. No catch, no strings, no cost. I will leave you to decide your next steps. So just drop me a line and let’s book in some time to review yours, and I will do the rest for you.