Are you a legally compliant employer?

There have been many HR challenges in the last 2 years, but that doesn’t let you off the hook as far as being a legally compliant employer goes!

Every business needs to ensure its legally compliant, but hat every business wants is a team who are happy, healthy, and engaged so they are delivering the very best possible service to your customers or doing the very best work they can for your business.

Conducting a regular HR Health Check is an essential part of good business practice. Not only will an HR Health Check give you peace of mind that you are legally compliant as an employer, it will also help you to identify where you could improve your people processes and identify any key risk areas for your business.

So, are you sure that you are legally compliant and adhering to all employment laws? Are you confident your people are delivering their best work? Is GDPR giving you sleepless nights? Are your HR and people processes efficient? Are you able to attract and retain the best talent allowing you to grow as you want to? Don’t worry, we can conduct an HR Health Check that’s right for your size of business and concerns, giving you peace of mind as we enter into the new Financial Year!

For any HR Health Checks booked in April or May with Hannah Williamson, we will offer 10% off our normal pricing. Book your Audit here.

Gold £1,200 – Aimed at larger businesses who want to become a great employer and a great place to work

This covers absolutely everything that you do in relation to your people. We review all paperwork and documentation that relates to your people; from recruitment of an employees to the exit of employees and everything in between! We provide you with a detailed report and using a simple traffic light system, identify where you are not meeting employment legislation; RED, areas which you could improve upon to ensure you are able to attract and retain the best people for your business and GREEN for areas where you are doing just fine. We will then meet with you to discuss your report in detail and then create your people strategy to help you meet your business goals. Book your Gold HR Health Check here.

Silver £695 – Aimed at smaller businesses who want to ensure they are legally compliant in all employee related areas of the business.

This covers everything you need to have in place legally as an employer. We will review all your employee paperwork and documents. We will provide you with a comprehensive report which details clearly where you are failing to meet employment legislation, and wherever possible we will fix these areas for you on the day, providing you with any template documents you require such as a contract of employment or an employee handbook, all at no extra cost. Book Your Silver HR Health check here.

Or want to talk through how the HR health check works? Then why not book a call with us to discuss how we conduct our HR Health checks.