Coaching for success

Given the myriad examples of successfully coached teams this Summer, I wonder how many of us have taken the very large hint that it may well be very worth investing in some business coaching?

You can help your employees improve their current performance, or in the case of an already effective employee, help them become more effective. Performance coaching is a powerful tool when managers take advantage of its usefulness.
So come on, get your waistcoats on and be a little bit Gareth Southgate. There is no doubt about it – effective coaching can literally mean the difference between third class and world class. Take Gareth’s team as an obvious example, Jose Mourihno, Alex Ferguson – where has Man U been without him? Look at the immediate impact Ivan Lendl had on Andy Murray.

So if you apply ‘sport’ thinking to your business and create a climate of learning and growth, it begs the question, just how far could your organisation go? Effective coaching benefits both the individual, the team and the larger organisation.

Benefits to your business:
– Overcome costly and time-consuming performance problems
– Strengthen employees’ skills so you can delegate more tasks to them and focus on more important managerial responsibilities—such as planning
– Boost productivity by helping your employees work smarter
– Develop a deep bench of talent who can step into your shoes as you advance in the company
– Improve retention; employees are more loyal and motivated when their bosses take time to help them improve their skills
– Make more effective use of company resources; coaching costs less than formal training

Benefits to the individual:
1 Build valuable skills and knowledge they can use to advance in their careers
2 Feel supported and encouraged by their manager and the company
3 Experience the pride and satisfaction that come with surmounting new challenges

In the words of Sir John Whitmore, the pre-eminent thinker in leadership development and change, ‘Coaching is unlocking a persons potential to maximise their growth’. I say that in the words of Emma Browning, pre-eminent HR bloggist, ‘Get your keys out!!’

If you want to know more about how to successfully coach your teams, or whether you could benefit from executive leadership coaching yourself, drop me a line today, Or why not come along to my free Friday 21 Sept workshop, exclusively for my network and clients – Coaching for Success.