Your very own HR expert for just £99 a month!

We are so confident of the service and support that our clients receive from our HR Oxygen Retainer service, that we are giving you the first three months of service for just £99 per month if you sign up in July or August.

After the last few years of turmoil, we have been seeing a growing trend from our clients, wanting an HR Retainer Service, which is why we introduced our retainer service; HR Oxygen.

What is a retainer?

A retainer means you outsource your HR to an outside company, such as Meraki HR. For a fixed monthly fee, which depends on your number of employees, we provide you with Breathe HR software to help you manage holidays, sickness absence and manage your employee data.  We give you expert advice and help with any HR or people related issue, HR best practices, policies and procedures, as well as you or any of your team being able to come along to our 6 FREE workshops that we run each year to help you manage and motivate your teams.

We are also able to give you vital support and direction in successfully managing matters like dealing with workplace disputes, disciplinary issues, performance management and the dismissal of staff.

What are the benefits of a retainer?

There is always the option to call upon HR help on an ad-hoc basis, and there can be real value in that approach, but it can become costly when you are paying by the hour and you don’t know how long something like a complex grievance or disciplinary is going to take.  Having a retainer means you know exactly what you are paying for, so there are no nasty surprises!

The last few years have shown us, how valuable it can be to work with your outsourced HR partner on a retained basis. We take the time to get to know your business and your employees, and how you like to work. This means when it comes to giving you advice, we know what’s going to be the best solution to your problem.

It also gives you peace of mind that someone experienced, that you can trust is dealing with these things for you, allowing you the time to get on and do what you do best – manage your business!

Don’t just take our word for it

We conducted a survey at the beginning of this year asking our retained clients what they valued the most about working with us, and these are the top 5 responses they gave us;

  • To work with qualified and experienced HR professionals who listen to our problem and provide us with advice that’s right for our business – 61.5%
  • To have a dedicated person who gets to know and understand our business – 53.8%
  • Not to be tied into a long contract of 3/5/7 years – 46.5%
  • Access to Free Training to improve our people management skills – 33%
  • An annual review of all employee documentation – 30%

You can also see all of our client testimonials here;

What next?

We are so confident of the service we provide, that we will offer your first three months of service for just £99 per month if you sign up in July/August! If you don’t like the service and support that we offer, then you can simply walk away after the first 3 months. If you like the way we work, then you will continue to get the great advice and support we give all our HR Oxygen clients at the appropriate cost for your size of business per month. See our ongoing costs here;

Ready to sign up for our HR Oxygen Service for just £99 per month for three months? Just send us an email and we will set everything up for you;

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