HR Influencers Club

As an ambitious and successful HR Professional of an established organisation, the challenges of navigating the ever more complex HR challenges have never been greater. The pressures to succeed in your role as an HR professional continue to grow alongside the magnitude of an ever changing business landscape. The HR Influencers Club is here to help you continue to grow and develop your skills as an HR professional and manage the ever changing world of HR, keeping abreast of important legal changes and emerging HR trends and best practices.

Who is the HR Influencers Club for?

The HR Influencers Club is an “invitation only” club specifically designed for ambitious HR professionals in an HRD, HRM, HRBP, Talent Management or People and Culture role within an established business. Despite previous successes in your HR career, you’ll be acutely aware of the increasing;

  • magnitude and complexity of HR decisions, particularly strategic ones
  • stakeholder pressure for bigger and better HR results year after year
  • competitive and volatile economic and political influences impacting the world of work and therefore the HR profession
  • threats to the traditional, tried and tested HR approach

Our HR Influencers Club is specifically designed to help you navigate the changing and challenging world of HR. You’ll be part of a confidential advisory group made up of your peers from other organisations, as well as our experienced HRD’s and Coaches.

Led by one of our team, you’ll work together at each meeting on a particular area or challenge within HR, where we will share our expertise, and the latest insights and trends to help you solve the more complex HR and people challenges in your business.

What will I gain from being in the HR Influencers Club?

In addition to the advice & support of our experts, you will benefit from further insights and advice from a panel of HR leaders and influencers who will be specifically selected to mirror the challenges within HR and the overall group.

These interactive and engaging meetings will be a mix of learning and development, strategic problem solving, peer to peer support and advice as well as the opportunity over a light lunch to get to know your peers on a more personal level.

  • Awareness of leading HR best practices and emerging HR trends
  • Employment law updates and evolving case law to help you make the right people policy decisions for your organisation
  • A trusted advisory group of experienced HR Directors, MD’s and Coaches to help you solve and work through your current HR challenges
  • Develop your commercial know how to demonstrate the value of HR to the business leaders/investors
  • The skills and confidence to ensure you have a voice within the business or a seat at the board room table
  • Your very own trusted advisory group of local HR professionals to use as a sounding board for your ideas

Who are we?

We are all experienced HR Directors and business professionals and between us, we have over 150 years of HR and business experience at Director level and all of us have managed and coached HR and business teams to succeed.

We keep our HR Influencers groups small (a maximum of 20 people per group) so that there’s plenty of interaction and opportunities to discuss and debate issues and learn from each other as well as from our talented team. This year the program runs with 5 meetings and they are are held between 9.30am and 11.30am on the dates below. The agenda of each meeting will give you time for reflection, strategic thinking, personal development support and thought leadership from HR, Business and Employment Law experts.

Dates with Links to book your place:

13th May – Changing the way we work to successfully adapt to Remote or Hybrid Working

15th July – Implementing a Wellbeing Strategy that’s right for your business

14th October – 6 Steps to Influencing and Changing the mindset of the Leadership Team

Investment Levels

If you would like to attend the HR Influencers Club, there are 5 meetings which will be held in 2022 via Zoom. To attend each meeting is free of charge. All we ask is that you turn up on time and respect our “Chatham house” rules, as each attendee may wish to discuss matters that are sensitive or confidential. We want everyone to feel that they can actively contribute to our discussions and debates based on their experiences to make these events beneficial for all who attend.

To have a chat in more detail about the HR Influencers Club, Book a call with Emma