Snacking and why its important………..

We all know how hard it is to find good people at the moment, and it’s all the little extras that employers are offering that are making people decide whether to work for you or go elsewhere to your competitors. Because of this, lots of my clients are working with me to look at what they can do or offer their existing employees or potential employees to make them more attractive, and one of those things is FOOD!

If you want your team to become as productive as possible, you need to do everything in your power to make sure they’re well-fed. That way, instead of combating hunger pangs and daydreaming about what they’re going to eat next, your workers can focus more intently on the task at hand.

Whether you provide, breakfast, lunch or dinner, or just some healthy snacks, this can be a really cost-effective way to improve productivity, as well as being appealing to new employees and keep your existing employees happy too!

Healthy food and snacks reduce the likelihood that your workers will consume junk food that lowers their energy over the course of the day. In turn, your team becomes more productive. Instead of having to walk or drive somewhere to get something to eat or munch on, they only have to walk a few yards to your office kitchen to grab a tasty treat. Work flow doesn’t get significantly disrupted.

When you stop to think about it, the return on our investment (which for one of my clients with 25 employees is less than £20 per week!) of providing snacks at work is obvious. Not only do you get a team that’s more energised and has more time to tackle its workload, employees will also appreciate the fact that they themselves don’t have to reach into their own wallets to buy snacks.

Again, this is something millennials will perhaps enjoy the most. On average, this younger cohort eats 3.05 snacks each day compared to Gen Xers who eat 2.26 snacks and baby boomers who eat 1.53 snacks, according to a recent survey. So not only does snacking increase your team’s output, it also can serve as a not-so-common perk that attracts top talent — and convinces them to stick around.

If you want to discuss more innovative ways of attracting and retaining top talent in your business, then why not give me a call?