Myth busting

Do you want flexible HR Support on a regular basis, but don’t think you can afford quality HR support? You’d be surprised at how affordable it actually is………………

You can access our HR Director Services once a week, once a month or once a quarter – the choice is yours. You will be getting expert advice without the hassle or costs of employing a highly experienced HR Director. Our tailored advice will remove all your people worries and enable you to see real results, fast. We can:

  • Complete an HR Audit to ensure you are doing everything you need to
  • Design your Policies and Procedures to ensure you are up to date legally
  • Help you to create your vision, mission and values to create the right working culture for your business and ensure you have highly engaged employees
  • Review your employee salaries, benefits and reward packages to ensure you attract and retain the best people
  • Create a performance management system that works for your business and ensure you have high performing employees
  • Design a Recruitment strategy to ensure you attract the best people to your business
  • Help you to effectively manage any employee issues
  • Help you to exit the business by putting in place an effective team of Directors or Leadership Team.

Call Emma today on 01280 848 415 to book a meeting to discuss how our HR Director Services can help you and your business.