How to be a Great Employer

Your culture is defined as “the way we do things around here” and will be created in part by your people policies and practices. Anyone that knows me well, will know that I am always wittering on to my clients about the importance of developing the right people policies and practices. There are many benefits to having suitable employment policies in place. Setting standards is the key to healthy workplace relations. It can reduce the need for disciplinary and legal action. It may also increase productivity and morale, as well as help employee retention.

Clear policymaking can also be positive for your business’ reputation externally amongst clients, suppliers and the local community. It can also help in attracting new staff.

If a policy is well developed and clearly written, it helps communication with employees, clarifies expectations and makes sure that everyone is treated in a consistent and fair way.  The Policies and Procedures you decide to put into place, will also set the tone for your business and will help you to create the working culture of your business, so it is really important to spend the time on getting them right.

Now, look at the core principles of Goffee and Jones as listed below and Number 3 and 4; keeping rules simple and saying what you mean, really resonate with me and what I am trying to help businesses achieve. So give me a call and we can have a chat about how I can help you become a GREAT employer!

  1. Allow people to be themselves
  2. Practice radical honesty – even if it is hard in the short term
  3. Say what you mean
  4. Keep rules simple
  5. Make work meaningful