Five strategies for being a better leader in 2017

If you run your own business, then it goes without saying that you’ll want to be a better leader. It might not sound as exciting as the tangible measures like bringing in more cash, or increasing your profits, or slashing unnecessary costs, but make no mistake…

ALL of these things can be a direct result of polishing and perfecting your leadership skills.

But what does being a better leader involve, in practical terms? And what can you be doing on a day-to-day basis to raise your game?

Here, we look at the areas that you absolutely must be focusing on in 2017…

Shut up and listen

Every leader will say that they listen to their employees, but are you really doing this? Are you taking onboard feedback, and taking action accordingly? Do you have a real understanding of how your workers think and feel? You’re probably asking many of the right questions but too many business owners miss the mark when it comes to truly listening to the answers.

Stop firefighting

Of course, every organisation will have unexpected problems from time to time that need to be solved. This is part and parcel of managing people, and all the complexities that this involves. However, if most of your time is spent dealing with issues as they arise then you can never focus on what really matters. Get the right systems and structures in place, and you’ll be able to address the strategic issues instead.

Focus on the bigger picture

When’s the last time that you stopped to think about where you really want your business to go? About the kind of leader that you really want to be? Once you break free from firefighting, you free up mental space for mapping out your bigger strategic goals. You shouldn’t just be looking at bigger goals in quarterly planning meetings… They should be guiding all of your regular business practices.

Go against the grain

It’s really easy to follow the crowd and do what everyone else is doing. True leaders though aren’t scared to create their own norms. If you could achieve anything with your business, then what would it be? You might think this isn’t an HR issue, but it absolutely is. Your people are what will bring your dreams into reality.

Stop trying to do everything on your own

You can’t be good at everything. Maybe you’re the crazy, creative type, and you need someone to keep your feet on the ground. Or perhaps you’ve got a strong strategic mind, and you need someone to nail all of the smaller details and bring your vision into reality. The bottom line is that good leaders don’t do it on their own.

The best business owners always prioritise their people, and call on help to make sure that they’re fulfilling their obligations, and making strides towards being the best employers that they can be.

If you’re currently trying to manage HR on your own? Then it’s time that you stopped, and called in the experts. Give us a call today.