Are you kickstarting your business into 2018 ?

Your business is nothing without its people – they are the beating heart of any company, and without them firing on all cylinders, you won’t get the new year off to a good start! With everyone pulling in the same direction you have the beginnings of a winning business formula, and the ultimate goal for any business must be to ensure that its ‘human capital’ is delivering the very best possible value for money and driving profit to the bottom line.
So, are you confident that your people are delivering the best bang for your buck? If you don’t think your employees are really delivering what you need them to, or you are losing people faster than you can hire them in this tough recruitment market, or are worried that you are not legally compliant as far as your people go, then you may need our help! Are you compliant with employment law? Or, are you just not sure what you should be doing to get the most from your people?!
Don’t worry, I can most definitely help! Throughout February I am offering my newsletter subscribers a complimentary mini HR diagnostic.
An HR diagnostic, is an evaluation of your current people processes and practices and documentation. It will identify whether you are compliant with employment law, and it will also review your current processes, and offer suggestions and recommendations to improve your people processes to ensure you are able to attract, retain and develop your people to deliver the best possible business results!
My complimentary mini diagnostic will begin with a 2 hour initial meeting with you to discuss and review the following areas:
• Policies, handbooks and employee contracts
• Recruitment processes
• Induction processes
• Training and development
• Performance management systems
• Leadership/management style and culture
I will then produce a report that enables you to fully understand how effective all of your current people processes and operations are, assessing your commercial readiness for 2018, outlining key priorities and actions for the future.
I have made available a limited number of complimentary appointments in February, so don’t delay, book today, and together let’s kickstart your business into 2018!