Are you a Great Employer?

There have been many HR challenges in the last 24 months and significant changes to your working practices can’t be achieved overnight, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be trying to be a great employer offering your staff a great place to work!

If you have some big goals to smash this year, the chances are those goals need your people to be giving you their absolute best. Are you doing what you need to do, to make sure your team are a high performing team and fully engaged with you and your business?

There are certain things that you can do over the next few months that will help you to become a great employer and here’s a few of our top suggestions to get you started;

Build Trust:

The success of High-Performing teams greatly depends upon the extent of trust and confidence which the team members have for each other and their leader and being able to work collaboratively.  Lack of trust can be a major barrier in the path of success as the team will fail to work towards a single purpose and will give importance to individual concerns. In the absence of trust, team efficiency and productivity will be adversely affected.

Design your Company Values:

The core values of a team make it clear as to what’s expected of everyone in terms of behaviours and attitude. These values are the guiding framework which influence the behaviour of the team members and their day-to-day actions as well. The leadership and management teams should enforce the core values by aligning them with your recruitment process, and any performance management system as well as with any organisational policies.

Review your Performance Review process:

A poorly designed and implemented review process means that the team may not have the clarity required to be working on the right things for the business. The process should praise their results and behaviours and motivate them to continue to perform at a high level.

The process also needs to allow for constructive feedback to be given that helps the team members to overcome their limitations and improve continuously at work.  This feedback acts as the guiding framework for the team members to perform better, learn from their mistakes and to avoid such mistakes in future. In the absence of an effective feedback framework, the teams will fail to deliver optimal results and act upon their personal development goals.

Make sure Job Descriptions are clear:

In the absence of a clear job description and role clarity amongst the team members, conflicts will happen which will ultimately impede the overall performance of a high-performing team.

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